Asset Management: Alignment with the organizational needs

Asset Management: Alignment with the organizational needs

Welcome to Part 2 of our Asset Management series with Marshall Institute President CEO, Greg Folts.

Today, I'd like to continue our discussion on the five key elements of asset management and how we can ensure that we are valuable partners in the organization.  Last time we chatted, we discussed alignment,  policy development, organizational structure,  budget,  and asset management plans and strategies as being key foundational elements for ensuring that we are providing the utmost value to the organization.  Let's dive deeper into the alignment part of this conversation.

First, I think it's important to understand that we don't need to be maintenance or fixers or firefighters but rather we need to be a capacity assurance for the organization.  We are ensuring the capacity of the organization to meet the demand that the customer has on the organization.  Second, I want us to understand that the mission of the plant must be understood clearly so that we can align our asset management function with that mission.  We have to create a mission for our maintenance organization and for our asset management process that supports that plant mission that we now understand. If the plant must maintain "X" capacity to ensure "Y" profit for the organization, then our mission is to create a maintenance plan that ensures our ability to deliver that product.

If we succeed in this alignment we will be an integral part and we will be a partner. We will be a supported organization in terms of funding, resourcing, and processes that we need to have to make sure that we we support the capacity assurance of the organization.

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