Are you progressing in your career as well as you wanted?

Are you getting the results you expected from projects?

Are your working relationships as productive as they should be?

If you answered 'no' to any of these questions, then I may just have a solution.

In my recent article published in Maintworld I introduce a SuperPower Perspective called ‘The Leadership Mindset’.

The Leadership Mindset is the key differentiator between 21st century leaders and old-world imitators. Developing your Leadership Mindset will turn challenges into opportunities, struggles into success, fatigue into fuel, stagnancy into growth.

In reviewing the Leadership Mindset we will cover the way that successful leaders think and act around the following beliefs:

- Purpose
- Potential
- Motivation
- Responsibility
- Capability
- Change
- Outcomes

Read the full article on the MaintWorld to learn how to leverage the SuperPower of this mindset.

In future posts we’ll break down each of the seven perspective beliefs.

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