Maintenance & Reliability Tips: February 2020

Maintenance & Reliability Tips: February 2020

"Maintenance is a core value driver at almost every location, but we often don't act like it or are we even aware of it.  To be considered vital and necessary for productivity, maintenance must establish and execute a reliability strategy that is indistinguishable from the plant or corporate objectives.  A reliability strategy must force us to focus our energy along a path that is congruent to the direction of the company.  Not tangential, perpendicular, or even parallel; but, congruent to the path of the organization.

What are the odds of getting this alignment right without a comprehensive and coherent reliability strategy?"

- John L. Ross, Jr. CMRP, Senior Consultant, Marshall Institute

"Do not try to change everything at one time, start out with small things and have a plan. Set goals for yourself and don’t be afraid to change things that are not working"

- David Hunt, Senior Facilitator / Professional Development Specialist, Marshall Institute

"The lack of equipment care is something that has happened over time and it is not a quick 'turn on the light switch' to get a facility to world class maintenance.  It’s the same as when you put weight on over the years it takes hard work, team work and dedication to loose the pounds.  During weight loss you have your up’s and down trends and so will be the journey to world class maintenance."

- Joe Berger, Senior Consultant, Marshall Institute

"We in industry, continue to struggle understanding the difference between being a manager and being a leader. True leadership must continually drive progress by actively participating, asking questions, teaching, offering guidance, and removing obstacles for their people."

- Alan Warmack, Energy Services Director and Partner, Marshall Institute

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