Maintenance Supervisors – Are They Set-Up for Success or Failure?

Is your organization proactive about training or do they opt for the “Baptism by Fire” approach?

Too many facilities I visit have no formal training plans. A key position which training is often overlooked is supervision.  The common misconception is that because the individual was a good maintenance mechanic or technician, they must automatically default to being a good maintenance supervisor.  I tend to believe not.  I would rather see good employees promoted to make excellent maintenance supervisors and given the appropriate support to assure their success, rather than setting them up for failure. Success requires a comprehensive understanding of the new role and responsibilities. Often the best way to attain this understanding is through training.

Supervision is the front line of management in any organization. Supervisors are responsible for encouraging and motivating their team to work together to accomplish the organization's goals. The supervisor's work involves planning, organizing, motivating, and coaching. The supervisor must possess a wide array of skills ranging from technical, human relation, administrative and decision making.  For some people these skills are innate, however for most of us they must be learned over time. Without sufficient direction through training it is hard to work on what you do not know!

  • How many of people out there have gained a promotion but received very little direction or training?
  • For those who answered yes, how much more effective in that role would you have been if you had received direction and training?

Training is about strengthening current skills and learning new ones to be more effective. Each role presents a unique challenge and requires a different skill set. Let’s give our people the skills they need to succeed.

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