Our Friend, Mentor, and Leader

Dale R. Blann
On Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019, Dale Blann, our friend, leader, and mentor, passed away. His grace, patience, calm, and integrity will be missed by all of us that were blessed enough to have shared some time with him.

Dale had a brief, but aggressive illness, and faced this final challenge with the grace and integrity you would expect.

Dale touched the lives of many. He worked with clients around the globe, nurtured Marshall Institute into a multi-million-dollar international company, raised a great family, and challenged us all to “do the right thing”. Dale did not seek agencies, religion, or oversight to drive his moral compass; he simply did not see how you could approach life with anything but high integrity.

I doubt any of us can repay the kindness, wisdom, advice, and business ethics Dale shared with us, but we will continue to do our best to honor his example. I worked with Dale for 20 years and he had more impact on my life, and many others, than he will ever know.

Dale and Glenna wanted us all to focus on the good times, great friendships, and family we shared, not his illness. He took great satisfaction from our work, our accomplishments, and the great relationships with both clients and colleagues. In the past several years Dale enjoyed his family, time with his wife, and working at his farm.

No formal public service is planned; please help us honor Dale and share your comments and memories below.


Gregory L. Folts, President/CEO

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