Leadership, Mindset, and Potential

Leadership, Mindset, and Potential

Our VP, Thomas J. Furnival was invited to discuss the Leadership Mindset on The Leadership Launchpad Project Podcast. Leadership Mindset is a topic and discipline that Tom is passionate about and dedicating a lot of time to study and practice.

In this podcast episode he “sat down” with Rob and Susan to discuss the following topics:

  • The purpose of leadership
  • The importance of our mindset
  • Leadership responses to the challenges and opportunities from the impact of covid
  • A valuable tool to use at the start your leadership day
  • 3 actionable leadership take-aways

Click the link below to enjoy the conversation.

Reach out to Tom with any follow-up questions, comments, and discussions. Find him on Linkedin at Thomas J. Furnival, or email him at [email protected].

‎The Leadership Launchpad Project: Why Our Mindset Affects Our Leadership with Tom Furnival on Apple Podcasts
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