Operator & Maintenance Working Together on the Homefront!

Operator & Maintenance Working Together on the Homefront!

Another “on the home front” example of operator-maintenance partnership.

Kathy (equipment operator) alerted me (maintenance) of a squeak developing on her elliptical in our garage gym! Tear down revealed the main shaft on the arm mechanism dry and beginning to score from no lubrication! The main shaft was suitably repaired with Emory Cloth and properly lubricated preventing further damage and likely having to replace the part in the near future had no action been taken. While the equipment was out of service all other joints/shafts were inspected and properly lubricated as well.

Of course the maintenance technician did a test run of the equipment following repairs with the operator present so the work order survey could be completed showing satisfaction by operations and maintenance with the quality of the repair.

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